[Mailman-Users] Way to protect web pages

Thomas Waters rxweb+ at pitt.edu
Wed Mar 17 15:04:05 CET 2004

Panther Server/apache + Mailman 2.12

Is it possible to have the list info web pages displayed within a 
restricted access intranet?  Is this an alias issue or mod_rewrite 

Our webserver host name is www.pharmacy.pitt.edu and all mail and 
mailman lists are functioning as desired.  But, the mailman web pages 
are displaying at www.pharmacy.pitt.edu/mailman...  and I don't want 
that.  What I want is for the pages to be visable via a Vhost, 

Thomas Waters
Director of Information and Communication Services
University of Pittsburgh, School of Pharmacy
rxweb at pitt.edu

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