[Mailman-Users] monthly reminder question

Shaun T. Erickson ste at smxy.org
Wed Mar 17 18:27:43 CET 2004

Yes, I looked in the FAQ this time. :)

I understand that the monthly reminders will appear to come from the 
mailman account. My mailman account is in the virtual domain 
"lists.smxy.org". I have lists in other domains - "gaamc-lists.org", for 
example. I suspect the members of the gaamc lists will get their 
reminders from "mailman at smxy.org", but I don't want them to know about 
that domain - the reminders should appear to come from 
"mailman at gaamc-lists.org", and similar for the members of mailing lists 
in other domains I host.

Will it work the former, or latter way, and, if the former, is there 
anything I can do make it the latter?


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