[Mailman-Users] Stop the Confirmation E-Mail

David Massey dmassey at korrnet.org
Wed Mar 17 19:55:53 CET 2004

I'm still using 2.0.8; not sure how this works in later versions.
In 2.0.8, the settings for confirmation & approval are contained
on the privacy options page. You can require confirmation, or
approval, or both. There is no option for neither.

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I've tried checking the previous list posts and the FAQ but I haven't
figured this out.  How do I setup my list so that people can subscribe
via the web interface or the e-mail subscription request and be
immediately subscribed without ever confirming the request?  The person
will just receive the welcome message and no confirmation e-mail.  I
also don't want to have to confirm the subscription.  I know
security-wise this isn't a great idea, but thats how my client wants it

Thanks in advance,


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