[Mailman-Users] A Mailman question

E.P. ep at octalouie.com
Tue Mar 16 21:38:03 CET 2004


I have recently changed over to a new webhosting company that uses the 
Mailman software for the announcement lists.  As I read the 
documentation, it suggests that one can create customized webpages for 
the following responses:


I could create generic webpages that acknowledge "You are already 
subscribed" or whatever it is, but I'd like be able to personalize it 
with the proper code. I don't know how to set up the Java/unix or html 
code to auto-insert the email address that was inputted by the user.

Would it be possible for you to send me a sample webpage that 
auto-inserts the email address of the person that is trying to 
subscribe to my list?  Once I have the proper format, then I can create 
6 different webpages with 6 different pre-set responses.

I'm not very fluent in html, so if you send me the full source code for 
a sample webpage that responds to a Mailman command, that would be 
wonderful.  Once I have a simple, sample web template, then I have 
something I can work with.

my thanks in advance,

PO Box 2430
Santa Clara, CA 95055-2430
studio (408) 749-9757

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