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The whole Mailman FAQ : entry 3.34
3.34 How do I spoof-proof my one-way (annoucements or newsletter) list ? 
If you've had problems with virus-generated messages with spoofed senders getting through to a one-way list (we have), you can completely spoof-proof your list by requiring Web-based approval of every message even if it is sent by the list's moderator (the author, in case of a one-way newsletter). 
Under Privacy Options, Recipient Filters, set max_num_recipients to 1. This will cause every message posted by the moderator to require approval via the Web (Reason: too many recipients) 
If there's a hole in this logic somewhere, please let us know. 
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In order to focus only on the good posts and not on virus-
generated messages for instance, is there a way to avoid 
 spoofed sender mails by using a password inside the e-mail ? 
This password only known by the moderator, should then be 
removed before sending. We use Mailman 2.1.1.
Thanks for your help.

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