[Mailman-Users] don't want list to be moderated

jessica kim djchinita at lycos.com
Sat Mar 20 23:19:40 CET 2004


I'm using MM 2.1.3 via a webhosting site, therefore, I don't have access to all the files with the settings for the mailing lists I've created, nor can I run scripts, etc.

The problem is very strange. I have to two mailings list, both of which have the exact same settings (but different members, of course). But for one of them I keep getting admin messages asking me to approve messages sent by the members. I don't have either of the lists to be moderated, b'c I actually couldn't find where I could set that. 

I can't find the manual for MM 2.1.3 anywhere and the one I'm using is the one for version 2.0, but it differs from 2.1.3.
For example, the 'General Posting Filters' under 'Privacy Options' listed in the guide, does not appear at all in my interface. 

I asked the webhost administrator, and he said that he ran some fix, but that if that didn't work, I would have to rebuild the mailing list. As the list has already been used, I would lose the archives. 

Please help!

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