[Mailman-Users] Help?

Remo Campopiano me at remo.net
Mon Mar 22 14:58:54 CET 2004

Is this a place to ask for help setting up Mailman lists?
If so here is my problem:
I set up a Mailman list via my web hosting service, NetNation, and it
seems to work.
But when I try to customize anything it asks for a List Adminitrator
Since it did not ask me to create a password when setting up the List, I
assume the password must be one of the ones given to me by NetNation.
None of them work..
I feel locked out of my own list ;-[
Remo Campopiano               508-336-5988
133 Hammond Street
Seekonk, MA 02771             http://remo.net <http://remo.net/> 
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