[Mailman-Users] GID For Virtualized Qmail[Vmailmgr]

Karl R. Balsmeier karl at sfdata.net
Wed Mar 24 23:28:29 CET 2004

Hi there,

I am running Vmailmgr on my mail server so it can host multiple domains. 
The build is based on qmail, and stores mail in the following structure:


I noticed the documentation notes possible things to do:


- You might need to set the mail-gid user to either "qmail", "mailman", or
  "nofiles" by using the --with-mail-gid configure option.

  BN: it highly depends on your mail storing policy.  For example if
  you use the simple ~alias/.qmail-* files, you can use `id -g alias`.
  But if you use /var/qmail/users, the specified mail gid can be

  If you are going to be directing virtual domains directly to the
  "mailman" user (using "virtualdomains" on a list-only domain, for
  example), you will have to use --with-mail-gid=<gid of mailman user's
  This is incompatible with having list aliases in ~alias, unless that alias
  simply forwards to "mailman-listname*".

- If there is a user `mailman' on your system, the alias
  `mailman-owner' will work only in ~mailman.  You have to do a "touch
  .qmail-owner" in ~mailman directory to create this alias.

  NB: An alternative, IMHO better solution is to `chown root
  ~mailman', that will stop qmail from considering `mailman' to be a
  user to whom mail can be delivered.  (See `man 8 qmail-getpw'.)


My question is this:

1.  I plan on using mailman to run lists for users on xyx.net, there are
20 users.  We plan to use about 5 lists with unique names.  What's the
best choice of the above recommendations given my described setup? 
[Qmail/Vmailmgr with mail stored in /home/dom/xyx.net/users/username]


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