- [Mailman-Users] Custom signup page?

Lloyd F. Tennison lloyd_tennison at whoever.com
Thu Mar 25 03:14:51 CET 2004

Yes, you can modify.  Just pull the code that is just for subscribe off 
that page.  If you need a sample - let me know and I will send you a 
sample page I use.

To:             	mailman-users at python.org
From:           	quasi <quasi at payback.nu>
Date sent:      	Thu, 25 Mar 2004 01:47:06 +0100
Subject:        	 [Mailman-Users] Custom signup page?

> I would like to integrate the signup form on my existing website, just 
> with the "your email adress:"  entry and the subscribe button under it.
> The default signup page is good for advanced users so I still wanna 
> keep it, but most of the people who visit my site are pretty clueless 
> about anything internet related, a whole page with text is just 
> confusing to them.
> So is it ok to integrate the email field and the subscribe button on 
> your existing homepage, and if so what code do you need for it?
> Thanks!
> quasi.
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