[Mailman-Users] Multiple same-named (virtual hosted) lists on the same machine

S. M. Das sdas at eeinternet.com
Thu Mar 25 06:07:18 CET 2004

Hello all! I searched for an answer to my question in the faq, archive, docs, 
and also on the web, but no luck.

Anyway, we are running Mailman and Sendmail on a Debian GNU/Linux machine, and 
do web hosting for multiple domains. Turns out that two of our clients both want 
Mailman managed 'staff at domain.org' named mailing lists.

Well, our primary mail server is on another machine, is the MX host for all the 
domains, and which has all the current aliases for all our client domains in 
it's virtusertable. It, too, is running Sendmail.

I am unfortunately not permitted to switch MTA's, nor to move MTA functions for 
those two domains on to separate machines. I must maintain the current 
configuration and functionality, but somehow have Mailman know which staff alias 
it is sending to, and write it's outgoing list mail from 'staff at domain.org'.

Currently, I am able to have 'staff at domain.org' aliases on the MX machine which 
forward to 'domain-staff at our.Mailman-machine.com', and on the Mailman machine, 
'domain-staff:' aliases for Mailman lists called 'domain-staff' who recognize 
'To: ' headers containing 'domain-staff at domain.org' as explicit list addresses 
(so postings don't get held).


The problem is that the lists intrinsic names are still configured as 
'domain-staff at domain.org', which means that list mail is sent from that instead 
of 'staff at domain.org'. Moreover, the CGI generated pages, welcome emails, and 
other list aliases ('domain-staff-owner' instead of 'staff-owner' etc) all 
contain the workaround address.

All I need is for Mailman to somehow claim universally (in welcome messages, 
list 'To:' headers, URL's etc) that it's list address is 'staff at domain.org'

Short order, huh? :)

Now that I've thoroughly confused the issue, first, does anybody understand what 
it is that I want? Second, is there a FAQ question, or statement in the docs 
that I missed that gives me the short answer? ('no! you can't do that!', right?)
Third, has anybody had this problem before, known anyone who has had this 
problem, ever heard of this problem, or, most importantly, done any work towards 
making this possible?

If not, and some coding is involved, than I can accept that as an answer, but 
would like a bit of advise on where/whether to start.

I don't know any Python at all, but have been programming in C/C++, perl (and 
now some PHP) for many years. I'm not afraid of Python, but would rather have a 
configuration/workaround based option instead. (What if I need to upgrade 
Mailman for security reasons or whatever? I'll have no guarantee that I can even 
port my modifications to the new code, and I'm pretty certain that nobody wants 
my hacky cruft in their codebase, no matter what functionality it provides).

Thanks for any and all comments or responses (also big thanks to anyone who 
actually reads my entire message)!

Sunit M. Das : Developer/Analyst
ph# (907) 456-5581 : fax# (907) 456-3111
Engineering & Environmental Internet Solutions, LLC
530 7th Ave. Suite #1 : Fairbanks, AK 99701

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