[Mailman-Users] De-dashing mailman

Andrew Tait antait at blueyonder.co.uk
Fri Mar 26 13:47:31 CET 2004


My first question here, so please be gentle!

I have installed Mailman 2.1.4 under Fedora, and it's running perfectly.
Due to the constraints of the network/ISP I am working with, the incoming
mail for the domain is fetchmailed from a POP3 server on the ISP's machine,
then procmailed around merrily.  So far, so good.

Unfortunately, my ISP doesn't allow POP3 mailboxes or aliases with hyphens
in them (or any other non A-z character I think), so I can't tell
newsletter-owner, newsletter-subscribe etc. to go to their own POP account.
Yes, I can have the POP3 account set up as a catch-all, but that's messy as
it means having a huge table of aliases to the non-Mailman POP3 account in
the main building.  Too much work!

Two questions:

1)  Can I easily (or not easily) remove the hyphen from the underlying
account names, so that newsletterowner, newsletterunsubscribe,
newsletterannounce etc. will work instead of the defaults.  I understand
that all I need to do in /etc/aliases is take out the hyphens, but I think
that Mailman's internal mechanisms still use the hypenated account names.

2)  Am I using the wrong tool?  I'm really looking for mail distribution,
rather than mailing list software, for distributing a newsletter once a
month to perhaps a maximum of 4 lists.  (There might be a separate
newsletter for prospective customers)  In other words, I don't want/need
users to be able to post to each other, as they're just blind recipients for
my newsletter.  (In Mailman I have set my newsletter list to always moderate
posts from anyone apart from me)

That's pretty much it.  Any advice would be appreciated (so long as it isn't
"get a new ISP" ;)



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