[Mailman-Users] Need help with Mailman software

Steffen Mueller mailman-users at xonx.de
Fri Mar 26 14:10:26 CET 2004

On 03/25/04 22:34 Justin Viera wrote:

> an answer on.  In the "archives" section, how would you
> delete threads or the entire archive if we wished to do so


To delete single threads, you need to edit the raw archive "mbox" 
directly (via shell), and then regenerate the archive.
for detailed information, check the Mailman FAQ on:

To delete the entire archive:
1. in the list-administration-panel, turn off archiving (option archive) 
and switch archive from public to private if it's public (option 

2. do the things as described in the FAQ. when editing the raw archive 
(mbox), just delete all entries.

if you want to reenable archiving later, just turn on archiving (option 
archive) in the list-administration-panel (and set it to public if you 
like to).

Steffen Mueller

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