[Mailman-Users] mailing list problem...

Dev Team dev at sae.gr
Fri Mar 26 21:43:11 CET 2004

Hello mailman-users,

  i have several mailing list in my mailman installation, between them
  a rather large one, with 15.000 subscribers.
  after a power-supply failure, this specific mailing list stopped
  working !
  I can access all other mailing lists through www interface, but when
  i enter my password for this list, stops there for 5-10 minutes, and
  after this returns to the login page without an error message..

  Well, how can i start to recover this ? are there any command line
  utilities/scripts to check the integrity of all files for this list

  I'm running mailman version 2.1.3.

  thank you very much in advance...

Best regards,
 Dev                          mailto:dev at sae.gr

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