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George Booth G.Booth at usm.edu
Fri Mar 26 22:06:08 CET 2004

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>   Well, how can i start to recover this ? are there any command line
>   utilities/scripts to check the integrity of all files for this list
>   ?

I had this same problem a few weeks ago, with 2 lists that just stopped
responding to web interface logins. I just used the 'list_members' function,
piped it into a temporary file, removed the list, recreated it, and used the
'add_members' function to import the members back in. Of course, remembering
the exact configuration was a bit tricky, but if this is a major list,
chances are you remember how it was set up (restricted posting, closed
membership, list owner, etc). I've no idea what caused it, but recovery
wasn't really that much of a hassle.

Hope that helps.


George Booth
iTech Systems, TIU
System Administrator
G.Booth at usm.edu

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