[Mailman-Users] Utilizing SpamAssassin w/ MailMan (repost)

Jamie L. Penman-Smithson jamie at silverdream.org
Mon Mar 29 21:51:41 CEST 2004

Hey Chris,

On Mon, 2004-03-29 at 19:07, Chris Barnes wrote:
> This is a repost, but judging by the lack of responses, I think it might
> be good to ask again.  Is there a way to utilize SpamAssassin running on
> the same box as Mailman?
> By that, I mean SA is already running, so all email coming in will be
> scored by SA for its 'spamminess'.
> Is there a way to get MM to place those messages with a Spam=Yes score
> on hold until the list owner can review the message on an otherwise
> unmoderated list?  I want this for ALL lists (a global setting).

There was discussion of a plugin which integrated Mailman and SA at
but that was for Mailman 2.0 - I don't know whether such a plugin still

IMO content filtering should be taken care of before it gets to Mailman,
e.g. by MailScanner, or AMaViS - they integrate SA and virus scanning. 

Personally I block, forward, and auto-learn spam above 10 or so points,
which takes the load of Mailma, but you may not be comfortable doing

If you want Mailman to filter for SA's headers you can use the
header_filter_rules option under Privacy Options to filter for that
particular header.

You can defer, hold, reject, discard, or accept based on this regexp.
Something like this *MAY* work, although my understanding of regular
expressions is full of holes at best:

/^X-Spam-Status: Yes*/

As I said - I don't know if that'll work, so someone who is more
familiar with regexp's will hopefully put me right if need be. Also, I
use AMaViS, so your headers may differ - as usual, YMMV.

You could do it the other way round, and only accept messages with
X-Spam-Status: No, or you could put messages SA thinks are spammy on
hold and check them over yourself.


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