[Mailman-Users] no quotas for mailman, but Disc quota exceeded

John W. Baxter jwblist at olympus.net
Mon Mar 29 22:34:30 CEST 2004

On 3/29/2004 7:51, "Tom Lieuallen" <toml at engr.orst.edu> wrote:

> Last week, I moved our mailman install to a different partition where we
> have more space and so I could export it via nfs.
> It is in /a1/mailman on the mail server.  I nfs exported it so
> that we could run the cgi's and access the archives from our
> web server.
> The new partition has quotas, but no users affiliated with mailman that
> I'm aware of have quotas (root, mailman, web, etc).
> Ever since this change, I have been receiving error messages from
> mailman mentioning being over quota.  I su'ed to mailman and created a
> 2GB file, so whatever problem is just not apparent from the OS.  Inodes
> are not a problem.

Is the new partition using reiserfs by any chance?  I don't know whether
Mailman works around the quirk that some versions of Reiser report 0 inodes
available if asked how many are, rather than -1 (the -1 being essentially
"that question doesn't make sense").

I would think that Mailman does work around that by now, though.  No hits in
a quick search of the Mailman FAQ for the file system.


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