[Mailman-Users] Enabling mail list admins to add users of a closed list using email

alfchr alfchr at disnorge.no
Wed Mar 31 19:02:40 CEST 2004

I run several closed mail lists at Rootsweb.org using smartlist.

Now I need to move these lists to a domain using MailMan v. 2.0.13 and we 
only allow users that is a member of our organization to add.

We have also a php page that unsub old mail addresses and add new mail 
addresses through a mail command.

If ind that MailMan today support some few Majordomo email commands like 
subscribe, but that command do not work on a closed list where all users 
need an approval to  enter.

Has last Mailman version added the Majordomo command like

Approve <password> subscribe |listname| |address|
and the other unsubscribe command

In case not,are there plans to add such commands.

In case, I would like to see a"silent" option which can be used when people 
just change mail address and only send people message when they really 
subscrive first time and finally unsubscribe.

The organisation has 7500 members, many of them change mailaddress quite 
often because to prevent spam and of other reasons, and it would be a pain 
in the ass to manually use the web interface to daily approve additions etc.

I want to automate all subscription as far as possible.

Hope it is possible.
Alf Christophersen
Forening: DIS-Norge, Postboks 6601 St. Olavs plass, NO-0129 Oslo
Besøksadresse: Ullevålsveien 1 (2. etg.), NO-0165 Oslo
Privat: Solbakken, NO-4909 Songe, Norge tlf. 37164209
Jobb: tlf 22851327

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