[Mailman-Users] re: Subscribe OK/ Doesn't Post[Imap-specific]

Karl R. Balsmeier karl at sfdata.net
Sun May 2 13:26:52 CEST 2004

Thanks Brad,

Yes, the [below] output of the mail log on the sending server shows some
detail, but perhaps not all.  I will run the qmail on the sending server
(the one where squirrelmail is being used) in debug mode and see if I
can't capture a better explanation as to just why these imap-client
sessions are failing...

Any ideas?

sendsrvr qmail: 1083496562.271934 new msg 2371240
sendsrvr qmail: 1083496562.272011 info msg 2371240: bytes 842 from
<test at domain.org> qp 23610 uid 500
sendsrvr imapd: Connection, ip=[::ffff:]
sendsrvr imapd: LOGIN, user=test, ip=[::ffff:], protocol=IMAP
sendsrvr qmail: 1083496562.373877 starting delivery 39108: msg 2371240 to
remote testlist at mailman.domain.org
sendsrvr qmail: 1083496562.373939 status: local 0/10 remote 1/20
sendsrvr qmail: 1083496562.449644 delivery 39108: deferral:
sendsrvr qmail: 1083496562.449707 status: local 0/10 remote 0/20
sendsrvr imapd: LOGOUT, user=test, ip=[::ffff:], headers=0, body=0


> At 3:57 AM -0700 2004/05/02, Karl R. Balsmeier wrote:
>>  I've read the logs in mailman, thinking smtp-failures log would have
>> some
>>  answers, none found there or the other logs.  I have also monitored
>>  traffic with my recv'ing MTA, it detects no mails coming from the web
>>  mail/squirrelmail submissions, but sees the complete pop3 sessions just
>>  fine.
> 	The problem sounds like it's on the sending MTA.  Can you get the
> logs from that machine?
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