[Mailman-Users] Mailman Size Issues

Kory Wheatley wheakory at isu.edu
Thu May 6 05:08:26 CEST 2004

I have a critical situation that I need addressed, and it deals with 
large messages being sent to mailman mailing lists.

Currently, we have a lot of  large mailing lists (some have 10,000 to 
15,000 subscribers) and  some of these lists is all Faculty/Staff email 
subscribers that have an account on our mail server.  All messages sent 
to these lists are moderated.   Here's the problem, when some of these 
pending messages are accepted to be sent, and one of the messages 
happens to be 5mb in size, that amount of email that is sent to our mail 
server all at once, "kills us", and someday if a larger one is sent, it 
will fill up our mail stores and corrupt our mail server.
We can configure our mail server to not accept a message over 5 meg and 
that would solve the problem, but our University Advisory Committee 
would not allow  that.  They have approved that it be set to 10 meg, for 
messages be sent to only one recipient, but individuals who use the 
mailing lists, abuse this. Sometimes messages get approved that 
shouldn't and we run into this problem

All get to my point, is there a way that if a moderator tries to approve 
a message that is over 1 meg, that maybe some custom python code could 
be developed to pop up a message and say "Only messages below 1 meg can 
be approved"  and have the message discarded, or tell the user the only 
option they have is to discard the message.

I know there's the "max_message_size" option you can set, but that still 
sends the message to the pending database and they can still accept the 
message,  rather than discard the message when its above that size.

Any Solution?  I know you will want to say change your policy on your 
mail server, but at this point it's not a option.

Kory Wheatley
Idaho State University

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