[Mailman-Users] List security

Kai Schaetzl maillists at conactive.com
Thu May 6 22:19:23 CEST 2004

Sean wrote on Thu, 6 May 2004 12:12:18 -0400 (EDT):

> A more secure alternative is for your approved posters to add an
>   Approved header to their postings as a header, or as the first line of
>   the post).
> I'd like to implement this but I'm uncertain to go about it.  I'm pretty
> certain the content filtering options are where the test for the Approved
> header should go.

No, you got that wrong. Usually, you have to approve an email via web 
interface. If it contains the Approved header and password then it gets 
handled in the same way as if you had approved it via web, just that this 
works automatically. There's no "test" to put anywhere. Actually, it's an 
old mailing list method which was invented earlier than web interfaces.

My question is how can the header be added to the
> posting?  Any insight or tips as to how this can be accomplished will be
> appreciated.

It's exactly as it says:

> > add an
> >   Approved header to their postings as a header

and if the program isn't able to do this:

> as the first line of
> >   the post).

So, put "Approved: password" in the first line or as a header. Note, this 
will be parsed away and NOT distributed to the list, don't worry!



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