[Mailman-Users] Mailman Admin URLs wrong

Scot Condry Scot at JCTn.com
Fri May 7 01:28:38 CEST 2004

I have a home network with a windows server plus a linux box as a postfix mail server.  The linux box is also my firewall / router so it gets my static IP and an inside IP as the gateway (  Mailman is running and I created a list.  I can go to http://linuxbox.mydomain.com/mailman/admin/mylistname and the list admin page comes up, and lets me log in with my password.  But all of the links in the admin page point to http://mydomain.com/mailman, etc... not http://linuxbox.mydomain.com.    I made the destinction in DNS so that I could have my linux web server at http://linuxbox.mydomain.com   because I have a windows web server running on just the http://mydomain.com.
So my question is what created the links in the admin site and how do I make them point to my linux box.  Is it Mailman, is it Apache?  And where do I change it?  I already changed mm_cfg.py DEFAULT_URL_HOST to http://linuxbox.mydomain.com but it didnt seem to work.

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