[Mailman-Users] Get mails from external POP3 accounts

Hilton J Ralphs hilton at think.co.za
Fri May 7 08:00:07 CEST 2004

Quoting Håkon Strandenes <haakon.strandenes at seilforening.no>:

> I have a Linux server running Mailman, Postfix and Fetchmail. I'm
> running this at home for a small sailing club, with approximately 10
> messages/day. The problem is that I have dynamic IP, and only a
> no-ip.com basic account.
> But the sailing club is so lucky that they have a domain, a
> web/mailserver and unlimited number of pop3 accounts. So my question is:
> How can I set up mailman/postfix to get mails form another, external
> pop3 account via fetchmail? I've already made the pop3 accounts, like
> listname-users at domain.com, listname-admins at domain.com etc. But how do I
> configure fetchmail, postfix and mailman?

If I understand you correctly, you want to be able to post to the list outside 
of your environment (at home). You want fetchmail to collect 'outside' posts 
and send them to the list?

If so, then create external POP3 accounts, but in the virtusertable (or 
similar) make sure the entries are something like this....

yourlistname-request at yourdomain.org.no        yourlistname-request

Do this for all the entries required (post, admin, bounces, confirm, join, 
leave, onwer, subscribe, unsubscribe etc).

Then in your fetchmail script, instead of dumping mail to a local account, do 

user yourlistname-request with pass password is yourlistname-request

The last bit corresponds to the entry in your aliases table. So instead of 
dumping the mail into a local account, it passes it through the aliases table 
just like normal port 25 mail would do.

I hope this all makes sense and if any of the more experienced guys (like 
BradK) know of a better or cleaner way to do this, please shout.


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