[Mailman-Users] Advice for upgrading Mailman

Michael Mansour mic at npgx.com.au
Sat May 8 05:20:53 CEST 2004


I'm just after some advice and/or experiences from people here.

I run mailman-2.0.13-3 on Red Hat 8, I know it's old which is why I'm asking 
for this upgrade path. I run several lists with archives.

I have many Fedora Core 1 machines in production and they have installed 
mailman-2.1.4-1 but don't run any lists.

I also have an Alpha machine running Debian (Woody) with mailman 2.0.11 
installed on it.

So my questions are:

* should I look at upgrading to FC1's mailman or Debian (Alpha)?

* if going to to FC1, what do I have to do to perform this? 

Note here that I'm keeping the RH8 mailserver (call it host1) but would like 
to "move" the lists, members and archives to FC1 (host2) and still have 
everything work.

The reason I bring up the Alpha is that it's a powerful server which currently 
does nothing, I was thinking of serving Web pages or FTP site or something but 
then thought why not just move the mailman stuff to it.

Any ideas, suggestions or comments are most welcome. I've never had to migrate 
mailman in the past so I'm not sure where to start exactly.


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