[Mailman-Users] forwarding messages from one list to another not as attachments

David W Smith dwsmith at well.ox.ac.uk
Wed May 12 20:19:18 CEST 2004


This evening a users sent a posting to one of my mailing lists that was
inappropriate for that list but was blocked as the user was not using
their subscribed email address.

Logging onto the mailing list web inteface, from within 'pending requests',
I discarded the posting and had it forwarded to another address (that of
the appropriate mailing list).

I then found that the posting text went out as an attachment, with the
body of the actual email text-less. Also the From: did not state the
original sender of the posting but as 'mylistname-bounces'.

So does anyone know if it's possible with a posting forwarded from
one list to another to have it

a) sent not as an attachment but with the text in the body of the email


b) contain a From: header with the sender's address and not a '-bounces'


Thanks for any advice or fixes.

David Smith

University of Oxford

Sys Admin

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