[Mailman-Users] Question

Hilton J Ralphs mailman-users at think.co.za
Tue May 18 06:56:19 CEST 2004

Quoting Ed Greenberg <edg at greenberg.org>:

> I'm not sure how this would protect members who had opted out from being 
> added again though.
> </edg>

Ed, just to get this right, someone who previously was a mailman user and now 
decides to leave the group? Effectively, you are controlling the source from 
your CRM package and not the mailman database?

If so, then that sync program will add new members and delete ones that are 
not found on the extraction list. So as long as you use the CRM system 
to 'tag' members, you'll be ok.

Hope this helps. 


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