[Mailman-Users] qrunner running away (Mailman 2.0.11)

Paul Smith pausmith at nortelnetworks.com
Thu May 20 00:22:37 CEST 2004

Poking at this a bit more I have more data.

It seems like whenever mail is sent to one list in particular, the
qrunner script hangs up for a very long time processing that mail.  I
think it's that list because I see the lock for that list existing for a
long time with the same pid in the locks directory.

Looking at the truss of this (unfortunately I don't have the start, only
from the middle on) it seems like it's freaking out writing a huge file.
First it has a huge list of break()'s, interspersed with a few mmap()'s,
then it does a bunch of writes in 8K blocks, then it does some cleanup
on the lock files and ends.

Then it does it again for the next message to that list.

The mbox file for this list is about 100M, this month's .txt archive
file is about 32M, and this month's .gz file is about 3M.

I tried stopping qrunner and renaming the .mbox file, but it still has
the same problem so that evidently wasn't it.

If this sounds familiar to anyone, let me know...

In the background I'm working on 2.1.5 but I'd _REALLY_ prefer to not
have an emergency upgrade situation... on the other hand some users are
talking about switching to Exchange lists so it _IS_ something of an
emergency :).  I want to upgrade Python as well since our version is
2.2.1 which is pretty old.

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