[Mailman-Users] Please Help! getting rid of MIME

ARaacing at aol.com ARaacing at aol.com
Fri May 21 06:14:10 CEST 2004

Please help!

I am so frustrated and baffled. I had Mailman working pretty well and now 
Mailman sends everything in MIME attachments. And it appears that Mailman does 
not revert after making setting changes. I recorded all my settings and then 
deleted Mailman and reinstalled it and it went back to working, for the most 
part. I was trying to fix the below problem (getting rid of the ...next part..HTML 
attachment was scrubbed message) and changed one setting at a time and then 
it started send every thing in MIME again, even though I changed the setting 
back. It seems to be really buggy! How do you strip MIME without access to the 
hard files? This was installed through CPanel. Now Cpanel will not even let me 
delete my list so I can start over. Please help!

I would be willing to pay someone at this point just to get everything 
working just right on Mailman. Anyone that is super knowledge about Mailman willing? 

Best Regards,
Michael Johnson

(Previous unresolved problem)

I am attempting to get rid of the below text that shows in email from my 
Mailman list...

------------next part------------
An HTML attachment was scrubbed...
(url is slight shortened)

I have archives turned off so even if the list user goes to the URL it 
doesn't show anything.

How do you get this NOT to appear in the digest or individual emails from 

Any help will be greatly appreciated!!!

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