[Mailman-Users] Strange group mismatch error

Brandon Dudley brandon at discontent.com
Tue May 25 19:20:30 CEST 2004

Figured this out - I had duplicate entries in /etc/aliases and in the 
mailman aliases file for the old list (from trying to fix this problem 
in the past).

Brad Knowles wrote:

> At 9:22 AM -0700 2004/05/25, Brandon Dudley wrote:
>>  I'm tryign to add a new list to an existing server, and have entered a
>>  weird cycle of mismatch errors. Every time I rerun configure to change
>>  a GID, it breaks either my old lists, or the new list I'm trying to add.
>>  one list in particular wants to be GID mailman, but the new list wants
>>  to be nobody.
>     The problem is that you need to get your web server (apache?), your 
> mail server (postfix?  exim?  sendmail?), and Mailman to all agree as to 
> what GID everything should be running as.
>     When upgrading, it is usually easiest to make the new piece of 
> software agree with the other two, by replicating the configuration 
> options that were used on the previous version that was installed.
>     Beyond that, it's going to depend on what your web server and mail 
> server are, and how they are configured.

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