[Mailman-Users] Modifying From:-line

Markus Peuhkuri puhuri at netlab.hut.fi
Thu May 27 20:19:36 CEST 2004

Brad Knowles writes:
 > 	Oh, sorry.  Did you mean that you wanted the real name of the 
 > recipient used?  If so, then 

Looks like my question was not well formed -- at least advices are for
something completly different; I'll try to change language.  What I
like to get, is some advice to implement following code in Mailman in

# some place where a message is just received to be sent to a list

if ($header->get("From") =~ m/^<([\w]+)[.]([\w]+)@([-+.\w]+)>$/) {
   $header->replace("From", "$& $1 $2 at $3")

The code above will check if From: line is like

From: <given.familyname at example.com>

and will replace that line with

From: <given.familyname at example.com> given familyname at example.com

and then (hopefully) users of M$ Exchange will then see sender name as

'Ext-given familyname at example com'

and not 'unknown sender'.

One could possibly add some list-wide configuration variable like
make_real_name_from_address to control if it is used or not.

I admit that I probably should have submitted my question to
developers list and not this list that is (based on answers) to those
who have not read docs, faq or list archives.  I even read source :-).
But, I do have no time to devote for developing mailman, unfortunatly.

Markus Peuhkuri        ! Markus.Peuhkuri at hut.fi
HUT/Networking Lab.    ! http://www.netlab.hut.fi/u/puhuri/

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