[Mailman-Users] verifications lost

Brad Knowles brad.knowles at skynet.be
Sat May 29 15:49:51 CEST 2004

At 10:13 AM -0500 2004/05/28, Kelsey Forsythe wrote:

>  I think I can change the cron execution to take care of the delay.  Where
>  is the cron file for MailMan?

	Mailman 2.1 doesn't use cron.  It has qrunner jobs that are under 
the control of mailmanctl, which runs them whenever they are needed.

>  As to the second mail,  I don't understand why I did not receive it.
>  The delay is different for the two mails.  What does 'delay' mean?

	Well, "delay=1" means that the message spent anywhere up to an 
entire whole second (or there abouts) between when it come into the 
system and when it was accepted by the remote end.  Since one second 
is the resolution of the clock that is used for reporting this data, 
you probably won't ever see much of anything shorter.

	A "delay=2" means that the message spent at least an entire whole 
second in the system, and closer to two entire seconds.

	You should read the postfix documentation to get this kind of 
information, since this mailing list is for supporting Mailman, not 

>  Second verification (not received):
>  May 27 21:06:56 atom postfix/smtpd[23064]: 8BEE6943C97:
>  client=localhost[]
>  May 27 21:06:56 atom postfix/cleanup[23087]: 8BEE6943C97:
>  message-id=<mailman.0.1085710015.23086.mmodlist at atom.chem.iupui.edu>
>  May 27 21:06:56 atom postfix/smtpd[23064]: disconnect from
>  localhost[]
>  May 27 21:06:56 atom postfix/qmgr[20150]: 8BEE6943C97:
>  from=<mmodlist-bounces at atom.chem.iupui.edu>, size=1986, nrcpt=1
>  (queue active)
>  May 27 21:06:58 atom postfix/smtp[23089]: 8BEE6943C97:
>  to=<molmod at sbcglobal.net>, relay=sbcmx2.prodigy.net[],
>  delay=2, status=sent (250 2.0.0 i4S1ti6r048410 Message accepted for
>  delivery)

	Complain to the people at sbcglobal.  Give them this log 
information and ask them to find out what happened to this message. 
No one else is going to be able to answer this question, since they 
would need access to the internal log data at sbcglobal.

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