[Mailman-Users] High CPU Load

Jason Shouler jason at data-flow.org.uk
Mon May 31 21:59:58 CEST 2004

Richard Barrett wrote:

> What do you mean by list activity? Handling a single outgoing post or 
> what.

Activity should be pretty minimal - one outgoing post a week and that's 
about it.   What appears to be creating the heaviest load is the bounce 
runner which with something over 3000 messages in it's queue looks a 
likely culprit (or rather I guess the messages are).  

I'm not sure how the bounce queue fits in with the bounce mechanism?   
Are these actually queued messages waiting for delivery or are they 
already dead!    I've looked at a few and they would appear to belong to 
unsubscribed members??

> Is outgoing mail via the MTA on the Mailman server? What sort of 
> values are are using for SMTP_MAX_RCPTS?

All services are running on the one server.  Sendmail is fairly well 
optimized and takes submissions from Mailman via the MSA port which is 
configured to avoid DNS.    SMTP_MAX_RCPTS = 10 and VERP is enabled for 
everything other than normal postings and of course the SMTPPORT is changed.

Basically Mailman works very well aside from the heavy load issue.

As is often the case in these situations, after almost giving up, I've 
now found the web interface is usable again.

All the queue runners are clear apart from the bounce runner which is 
going up very gradually at the moment.  When I see it going down I'll be 
a lot happier.



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