[Mailman-Users] Member and password database

PeteBell macbantam at ntlworld.com
Fri Nov 19 15:02:03 CET 2004

It seems the answer I keep being given whenever I ask questions on here 
about logging-in, having a sync'd database of my members and their 
passwords, and creating a 'front-end' web interface for my list, is 
that I would be best advised to have my own mailman installation rather 
than use the one which is shared by all the clients on my host's 

So I asked him how practical that was and this is what he said...

> I'm not actually convinced of how well it would work - because mailman 
> is an
> integral part of they system it physically watches the inbound mail 
> queues
> for messages bound for you.. The question you need to ask them really 
> is -
> has this ever been done under cPanel, where a system wide installation
> already exists?
> In this scenario you'd be a prime candidate for a Virtual Dedicated 
> Server
> http://www.betterwebspace.com/Newsletters/20040923.php so that you had
> complete control, or even your own server - both of which I must find 
> time
> to decide if I'm going to launch!

So. Now it's back to you guys:  Has anyone actually done this when 
there is already a shared installation under cPanel, and if so, can you 
give me a hand-holding guide to how it's done for a novice?

Pete Bell, UK

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