[Mailman-Users] vhosts & list are created but I still get 404 not found error on admin pages

ShiroTora Administrative Account rrichman at shirotora.us
Tue Nov 23 16:50:59 CET 2004

I am trying to add new lists to my Mailman config.  1 list was setup by 
my admin and I have followed the instruction I was given to setup new 
lists.  However I can't seem to get any of the admin pages (aside from 
the 1st list installed by my admin) to show up. 

I carefully edited the mm_cfg.py file under
/local/mailman/Mailman and added 1 add_virtualhost line for each of the 
needed domains

add_virtualhost('www.example.us', 'example.us')

I notice that seems to have updated mm_cfg.pys file automatically.  
However I still can't get my admin page(s) that were emailed to me by 
mailman to work/show up.  I still get a 404 not found error...

It's not the aliases (not even getting to that point yet) but I did copy 
the alias table to the etc/mail/aliases file and ran newaliases for the 
1st list I was trying to setup. 

Any/all help on this is much appreciated as I really need to get a few 
lists up and running asap or a client. 


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