[Mailman-Users] yet-another-sendmail-hates-me "list not found" problem

p e y t o n mmm-mailman at peyton.org
Sun Oct 3 04:18:15 CEST 2004


as the error message below suggests, the alias is being expanded and an 
error occuring when mailman is processing the post script.

    ----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors -----
"|/public_html/mailman/mail/mailman post test"  <<------ HERE
     (reason: 1)
     (expanded from: <test at DOMAIN HIDDEN>)

    ----- Transcript of session follows -----
post script, list not found: test    <<------ AND HERE
554 5.3.0 unknown mailer error 1

the unknown mailer error 1 that is being reported is from mailman returning 
with a status of 1.

i also did a quick test of /etc/aliases and it is working normally.


At 12:58 PM 10/2/2004, Brad Knowles wrote:
>At 12:48 PM -0700 on 2004-10-02, you wrote:
>>  thanks for the quick reply. i've compared the /etc/aliases entries for
>>  the new list with old ones that i've been running for years and don't
>>  see any difference. i even copied and pasted the entries below straight
>>  from mailman when i created the list.
>         Maybe your aliases file hasn't been rebuilt.  Afterall, the 
> /etc/aliases file is only used as input to build the database which is 
> actually used by the MTA, and the database won't be updated until you run 
> "newaliases" after changing the /etc/aliases file. Alternatively, perhaps 
> the aliases file you're actually using is somewhere else, so changes to 
> this file are not relevant anymore.
>         But both of these problems are specific to your MTA, not Mailman. 
> You'd be better off using the resources which are dedicated to your MTA 
> (and your platform) to help you track down these problems.
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