[Mailman-Users] Help tracing a delivery problem -Qmail-mailman-vmailmgr

Bill Ing wing at ingmedia.com
Thu Oct 7 07:02:56 CEST 2004

Did a bit more playing around.

I've figured out that there are three subroutines to the qmail-to-mailman.py

The first checks for certain addresses and sends it to qmail-inject if
they're present,

The second strips out information from the part of the header that contains
"mailman" (if present), processes it, assigns options variables if they're
applicable and passes them on to the mailman/mail/mailman binary.

If both those two fail, it gets sent to the third (called bounce) which
generates a rejection message and instructions to go to the webpage for

Messages going through the script are failing to be caught by the second
subroutine.  But I've worked around it and rather than letting messages go
to the bounce subroutine, it forces it into the execute mailman binary.

So this mean no e-mail administration is going to be available but at least
it'll work as a listserver.

I'm wondering what the difference is that's causing what I think are valid
messages to skip over the script.

It's a FreeBSD 4.10 server, All but Qmail has been installed from ports.
Python is (perhaps the script might not be friendly with this
version of python?)

If Bruce Perens is still around on this list, I'd love to hear his thoughts
on this.


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> Greetings,
> I installed Mailman 2.1.5 on a new server and have been
> fighting with it for a few days and wondering if someone can
> point me in the right direction to look at as far as figuring .
> I have a working installation of 2.1.4 on another server that
> has been retired, however it's inaccessible until next week
> so I can't get access to it and look around.
> On the new server, I can use the web interface to subscribe
> and create lists but when trying to send mail to the list, it
> gets messed up.
> When sending messages to the default mailman list or any
> other ones created, an error message returns from
> mailer-daemon at mailserver indicating the message wasn't
> deliverable to the the list address.  But included in the
> body is the "TO ACCESS THE MAILING LIST SYSTEM: Start your
> web browser on...."
> So, following my train of logic, what I could figure out
> following the trail with a lack of understanding Python, I
> figure the following things are happening.
> 1> Mail for the list domain arrives.
> 2> Qmail looks up the mailman user and its home directory to find
> .qmail-default
> 3> Message is passed to qmail-to-mailman.py script.
> 4> Script processes the message and tries to lookup the recipient
> 4> mailing
> list.
> 6> Script fails to find the recipient mailing list.
> 7> Script tells qmail that it failed and throws in the "TO ACCESS THE
> 8> Mailer-daemon sends this back to the user along with a
> undeliverable
> 8> to
> the address.
> The qmail logs also indicate failure as opposed to the
> success message I see in the backed up logs of the old server.
> Oct  6 16:51:37 mail qmail: 1097095897.902021 delivery 2057: failure:
> TO_ACCESS_THE_MAILING_LIST_SYSTEM:_Start_your_web_browser_on/h
> ttp://lists.in
> gmedia.com//That_web_page_will_help_you_subscribe_or_unsubscri
> be,_and_will/g
> ive_you_directions_on_how_to_post_to_each_mailing_list./
> I figure if things were working propperly, it wouldn't be
> Mailer-daemon sending me the rejected message, but
> mailman at mailserver.  And, the qmail-to-mailman.py script
> would be able to lookup the users in the database and dump
> something into /var/mailman/lists for qrunner to process.
> Again, any advice on where to start looking would be most appreciated.
> Thanks in advance,
> Bill Ing
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