[Mailman-Users] Problem with Micrososft Exchange 2003 SBS

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Fri Oct 8 01:43:20 CEST 2004

Jan Kellermann wrote:
>> >We are providing over 200 lists and have no problems at all.
>> >But this customers is sure, that this is a mailman-bug. I need support to
>> >argumentate. Is here anybody who is working with M$-exchange? Or is here
>> >anybody who can proof, that it should be no problem to have 2 mails with
>> >same rcpt and same msg-id?
>> If you are going to use software that insists on implementing
>> Micro$ofts view of how things should work without giving you any
>> control, then you're stuck with what you get.
>Yes, that's exactly our point of view. But it doesnt help :( The customer
>want to get both messages and the mailprovider says, it's our
>I need a hint to a RFC, that M$ should not delete this message or sth. like

I can't offhand point to any RFC or other standard practice document
that would help you here, but I can suggest the following argument.

Suppose I am a M$ Exchange user with e-mail address addr1 at example.com.
I also have a second address addr2 at other.com that is set up to forward
all incoming mail to addr1 at example.com. Then someone sends an e-mail,
perhaps even using M$ Exchange, addressed to both addr1 at example.com
and addr2 at other.com. These two messages will have the same Subject:,
Date: and Message-Id: headers and my M$ Exchange will delete one of
them as a duplicate of the other. If this behavior is wrong, it must
be M$ Exchange that is wrong in this case since nothing else is
involved other than MTAs which don't change the message. If it is MS
Exchange that is wrong in this case, then why would it not be M$
Exchange that is wrong in the Mailman case?

I don't know if your customer will accept this logic. Perhaps you've
already tried it, but if you haven't, I think it would be worth trying.

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