[Mailman-Users] recourrent messages

chmod000 chmod000 at ig.com.br
Mon Oct 11 22:12:58 CEST 2004

Hi there... 

from allmost two years we're using mailman as our solution of mailing lists. 
So far so good, but now we're having some trobles. 

There is one message that's corrupting the list of messages. We're talking 
about 5 lists administrated by mailman. 

Somehow a message arives to qfiles, but is not sent. So I go to mailman 
directory, remove the message, remove the qrunner lock file and averythigs 
goes fine. Then, later, the same message arrives again. I know it's the same 
message 'cause is the same number before the dot. 

anyone knows what is happinig? Thanks for any help. 

:) Microsoft butterfly is their way of telling you their system has a lot of 
@#%! bugs. 

chmod000 at ig.com.br 

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