[Mailman-Users] Replies to Several Questions

hesco at greens.org hesco at greens.org
Tue Oct 12 18:19:30 CEST 2004

This is an attempt to offer back a little for the great service
this list provided me yesterday.

 . . . and to answer off the top of my head several quick
questions that today appeared on the list.

To the new-user, Milton Marks:  

Please link to: http://<host>/mailman/listinfo/<listname> 
for directions on sending an email to your list; and to: 
to access, maintain and build your subscriber list.  

To Heather Carpenter: version 2.1.x now permits the storing
of a person's real name with their subscription address.
	<INSTALLATION_DIRECTORY>/bin/list_members <listname>
will list out the folks who are subscribed to a list.  It must
be run by the server administrator from a command line.
The results are plain text, one address per line, suitable
for importation into any number of spreadsheets or databases.

Olauhdo Stubbs: 
No route to host sounds like a connection issue.  Check your DNS server
settings, your ability to ping your router and sites external to your

B.G. Mahesh: 
Yes, it is possible to import old emails into the archives.  I did this
once, after a brief search of google and the mailman list archives.  As
I recall it was pretty straight forward.  It requires shell access to
the server installation.  The archives are stored in .mbox format (a
pretty common email format).  There exist lots of tools for converting
email formats between one another.  And I believe their is a python
tool in the mailman distribution used to rebuild the archive once you
have moved the file into place.  Yes, here it is.  Try: 
	<INSTALLATION_DIRECTORY>/bin/arch <listname> <mbox> 
-- Hugh Esco 

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