[Mailman-Users] Web-page admin changes not working; SSL config problems?

Matthew England mengland at mengland.net
Tue Oct 12 21:57:42 CEST 2004


I am finding that non of the /mailman/admin/<mylist> changes I make in the 
text fields (after clicking the provided "submit" button) are taking.  I 
input them, then refresh my browser, and the original/old values are still 
there.  I have this problem with no other application on my server 
(including phpBB).

I suspect this problem may be due to my not properly configuring my Mailman 
server for my SSL interface (I'm redirecting all my http:// port access to 
https:// on my Apache server).  I'm guessing this in part because I get a 
"Submission Warning: Send form without encryption?" dialog box when I 
submit data to the Mailman server via web admin interface.  I also see the 
following FAQ entry:


I am hopeful that if I follow these FAQ directions that I will no long 
experience these problems (data not taking and aforementioned dialog box 
popup).  If anyone thinks otherwise, please let me know.


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