[Mailman-Users] troubel with unsubscribed user

Doug Garaux doug at garaux.com
Thu Oct 14 01:48:01 CEST 2004

I have a MM 2.1.5 install that I’ve had various troubles with. The list was manually transferred from another ISP to a new dedicated server environment. I was unable to transfer the list by documented methods since I could not access mailman command from a unix shell so I created the list on the new server and manually dumped all the users from the old list and mass subscribed them on the new server. As most of the users don’t configure their own settings it was a good enough trade off.

I however have had a few issues. One is a bounce I receive for a invalid email (invalid user at site..) I manually unsubscribed the user but MM is still sending emails to this email address. I have no clue why as I don’t see the email under membership management in the web GUI.

The other issue I’ve had is with the users who were not required to be moderated. I have unset the moderation box for one email so they do not have to approve (their own) emails when they post but MM is still asking for all of their (and all others which is correct behavior there) to be moderated. How can I verify that this users posts are not requiring moderation?

The settings from the webgui are basically identical from old server to new server. The only difference I know of is the old server was a CPANEL installed mailman instance and the new server is a PLESK installed instance of mailman.


Doug Garaux

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