[Mailman-Users] Lyris Vs. Mailman [speed]

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Fri Oct 15 16:20:08 CEST 2004

BG Mahesh wrote:
>I would like to know how many emails can mailman send out in an hour [assume bandwidth connection is 512k]. This is not for spamming but we have a huge client list and we need to send out mails. We use lyris but the new version is way too expensive.
>Some other questions,
>- Is there a maximum number of members per list?
>- Can the list hold over 20m users [divided into several lists]? 
>- If the member email id is bad will some kind of flag be set as "Bad" or "Hold"?

See my previous reply to most of these questions at

You probably didn't receive it because I sent it to you as well as the
list (which I'm not doing this time) and if you are set to not receive
duplicates, you wouldn't have been sent a copy from the list. Last I
checked, the message to you (and shiva.kumar) was deferred because my
server was timing out trying to connect to yours.

Sa far as list size is concerned, see

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