[Mailman-Users] inserting company logo in email header

Natalie Davey ndavey at incalf.com.au
Tue Oct 19 04:14:57 CEST 2004

I have a couple of questions regarding using images in mailman list serv


1. Are all emails text only or can they be configured as html?

2. Is it possible to insert a company logo in the header section of all
emails that are posted to a group, either by linking to an image on a web
page or inserting the image file? 


Please let me know if this is possible using Mailman and, if so,
instructions on how to do it.




Natalie Davey

InCalf Project Officer

Tel: 61 3 9640 0731

Mob: 0408 309 584

Email: ndavey at incalf.com.au



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