[Mailman-Users] Template Question

Chris Stankaitis chris.stankaitis at datawire.net
Tue Oct 19 20:11:52 CEST 2004

>>the Namazu search code is not listed.
> Have you checked to be sure the owner/group/permissions are right on
> your site/, site/en/, site/en/archtoc.html directories and files?
> Are you sure you want archtoc.html and not archtocnombox.html? It is
> the latter unless you've set PUBLIC_MBOX to "Yes" in mm_cfg.py.

That was it... I found about 5 good docs on how to add Namazu to 
mailman, 3 of them do not even touch on the subject of adding a search 
to the template, one does but only says "and now edit the mailman 
templates" and the last one, which I followed and was here in the 
mailman archives is missing a few critical steps...

Thanks for all your help, I am contemplating doing up a doc of my own to 
help others.  If I do is there a process to submit it back up to the 
powers that be for inclusion in the FAQ etc?


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