[Mailman-Users] approving messages once for many lists?

martin moriarty mm7 at cs.ucc.ie
Wed Oct 20 17:07:06 CEST 2004

Hi there,
Didnt see this one in the faqs so thought I'd ask.
We run mailman very successfully in a university environment. We have 
quite a few lists at the moment. One issue we have is that:
If someone sends a message to say undergraduates at blah.com ( which points 
to 4 mailman moderated lists, year1, year2 year3 and year4) then as it 
stands we have to approve the samemessage 4 times, once for each group. 
Is there a way to structure/create the lists so that it is approved just 
once for all lists? Probably not possible, but worth asking, I think.
Regards and many thanks

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