[Mailman-Users] Unneeded Moderator approval

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Wed Oct 20 23:36:07 CEST 2004

Cynthia Robey wrote:

>My definitions
>Subscriber- someone who receives mail from that list
>Poster- someone who can send mail to the list

Yes, but how is this set up? What list and/or subscription settings
distinguish between a subscriber and a poster?

>The approval request email for one of the postings showed the reason it 
>was held to be that it was posted from a non member to a members only 
>list but all the people who are posting are all members of the list and 
>the messages are coming through.

Was the address in the From: header identical to a subscribed address?
Note for example that user at mail.example.com and user at example.com are
not the same address to Mailman. Also, your Mailman may be configured
to use envelope sender instead of From: to validate list membership.

>The test one that I sent out said the 
>reason was that it had an implicit destination.

This means that the list itself was not in a To: or Cc: header in the
post. Was that true?

>The other interesting 
>fact is that I watched the test mail to see what the time frame was and 
>the test message posting came through at 1:45pm and the request for 
>approval notice came in at 1:46pm! So much for the idea that you had and 
>I thought was a logical and real possibility that another moderator was 
>quicker than I to approve it.

What time stamps are you looking at? The only relevant ones would be
those in Received: headers and even those could be out of sync by
minutes unless you're comparing ones from the same server. The time in
the Date: header is generally the time the message was composed or
first sent by the originator and would not correlate at all to the
time it was sent from Mailman to you.

BTW, I never explicitly answered your question -

  Since the messages are obviously getting through, 
  is there a setting change I need to make to stop receiving the 
  unnecessary approval request messages

There is no setting since if things are working as they should, you
should never receive an approval request unless the message is
actually held for approval.

>Mark Sapiro wrote:
>>Cynthia Robey wrote:
>>>I am new to this Mailman stuff so I hope I am explaining it clearly 
>>>enough. I have created a couple of mail lists for my school. They work 
>>>fine except whenever someone who has subscriber and poster privileges 
>>>posts a message I as a subscriber receive the message they sent at the 
>>>same time or very shortly thereafter that I as moderator get an email 
>>>asking me approve it. Since the messages are obviously getting through, 
>>>is there a setting change I need to make to stop receiving the 
>>>unnecessary approval request messages
>>I'm guessing that by "poster privileges" you mean a subscriber who is
>>not moderated on an otherwise moderated list. Is that correct?
>>I don't know what's happening. What does the approval e-mail say is the
>>reason the post is held? Is there another moderator or administrator
>>who might be "quicker" than you at approving the messages?

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