[Mailman-Users] Using domain name alias in "From" address for list

Wally Hartshorn Wally.Hartshorn at epa.state.il.us
Thu Oct 21 21:10:42 CEST 2004

I'm setting up my first Mailman installation and have encountered a
small problem.
Everything looks about ready to go except that the address that appears
in the "From" line from is the real name of the machine rather than the
alias. In other words, the real machine name might be
uglyrealname.domain.com, which has a DNS alias of
prettyalias.domain.com. In all of the emails that get sent out (e.g.
subscription confirmation, welcome message, etc), Mailman is correctly
giving the address in the text of the email as something like
mylist-request at prettyalias.domain.com, but in the "From" line of the
email, it shows up as being from something like
mylist-request at uglyrealname.domain.com .
Is there any way I can change that, either through a config setting or
by modifying the Python code? (I'm a programmer, but I don't know
Python, so use small words that I'll understand.) Or is this something
that requires changing our Sendmail settings? (And if so, any hints in
that area would be VERY appreciated!)
Wally Hartshorn

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