[Mailman-Users] Messages not being archived (anymore)?

Takahiro_Horie at nidek.com Takahiro_Horie at nidek.com
Sat Oct 23 01:57:08 CEST 2004

qfiles/archive contains a bunch of .pck files, some as old as when the 
mailing list started i think

I am starting mailman/bin/qrunner -r All& as root.

I tried to start it with mailmanctl -s -q start, but it gives me an error:
Site list is missing: mailman

I don't know if ArchRunner is running. How can you tell?


Takahiro_Horie at nidek.com wrote:
>I am using mailman 2.1.5 and my messages are not being archived for some
>reason. I can access pipermail, but it only shows the first four messages
>archived and there are already many many more messages on the list for
>I have 3 lists and a total of about 20 people. It's not a big list.
>Also, I made sure that archiving was enabled for the list under the
>administrator menu.
>I checked the error logs, but didn't see anything.
>I am running qrunner -r All in the background.

What's in qfiles/archive?

Do you really mean you're starting the qrunners with qrunner -r All?

They should be started with mailmanctl -s -q start

That way if one quits for some reason, the master restarts it.

Is ArchRunner actually running?

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