[Mailman-Users] Sender details and anonymous list

Miles Waller miles at jamkit.com
Tue Oct 26 18:48:40 CEST 2004


I have set up an anonymous list - it's for announcements from a central 
team to subscribers only, no discussions.

It's all working great, exactly as required ... with one tiny problem.  
The anonymous list correctly removes the details of who in the team sent 
the message, and replaces it with the lists email address.  I have been 
asked to set this so that it is a specific name, rather than the 
address. I.e, in their mail clients, users will see:

From: The company's biggest boss

instead of

From: announcements at example.com

Having spent some time looking, I'm fairly sure this isn't possible in 
mailman at the moment: the choices are either the mailing list, or the 
original sender.  Can anyone confirm definitively?  I am using version 

Thanks in advance,


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