[Mailman-Users] 8 Processes - is this normal for Mailman?

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Fri Oct 29 03:30:15 CEST 2004

½Bî¶  §ºµth£Ñ½ wrote:

>Hi, I am running mailman, and I noticed when I type "top" to see system 
>processes, I see 8 instances of the user "mailman" running "python".  Is 
>this normal?  Why 8 times?

Actually, normal if you haven't changed any defaults (at least in
recent 2.1.x versions) is nine - the master mailmanctl and eight

  ('ArchRunner',     1), # messages for the archiver
  ('BounceRunner',   1), # for processing the qfile/bounces directory
  ('CommandRunner',  1), # commands and bounces from the outside world
  ('IncomingRunner', 1), # posts from the outside world
  ('NewsRunner',     1), # outgoing messages to the nntpd
  ('OutgoingRunner', 1), # outgoing messages to the smtpd
  ('VirginRunner',   1), # internally crafted (virgin birth) messages
  ('RetryRunner',    1), # retry temporarily failed deliveries

If you aren't using mail<-->news gateway, you may not be running
NewsRunner or if you aren't doing any archiving, you may not be
running ArchRunner.

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