[Mailman-Users] Mail stuck in Exim queue

Adrian Cooper adrian at cooper.net
Sun Oct 31 21:46:03 CET 2004

Hi John,

> Having never seen or touched a cpanel installation, I'm very reluctant to
> try to answer questions about them (that's more true on the Mailman side,
> where it appears Mailman is somewhat modified in those installations).
> It's good to learn that you do have the access you need to make the
> adjustments that are desirable.  Thanks.

cPanel is incidental to this issue, although you would think by now, on
version 9.7, they would have resolved it. Mailing lists on other cPanel
accounts have the same issue for the same reasons.

I have now added the suggested statements to both the Mailman and Exim
configuration files. This has partially resolved the problem, but a dozen
messages are still remaining undelivered in the Exim queue.

Can Mailman be configured to use Sendmail to send and Exim to receive?


Best regards,


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